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Oral health can affect
whole body health
beyond the smile.

The Mouth Culturally significant, often adorned with lipstick or piercings, the mouth is an important and unique structure in human health. It is composed of a complex set of organ systems that function both independently and concertedly in a multitude of processes. Due to its anatomic positioning, it is in intimate physiologic relationships with the throat, lungs, nose, ears, eyes, vocal cords, sinuses, brain, lymphatics, circulatory, digestive, and nervous systems.

Because it is a main portal of entry into the human body, beginning with the first breath, the mouth becomes one of the passageways for the exchange of air during respiration, an entrance for toxins and pathogens, as well as, the gateway to human nutrition. It houses the sense of taste and the beginnings of the digestive process. The mouth, tongue, and throat are the framework for communication, modulating the sounds and phonetics necessary for speech. Adaptive, uniquely specialized, and highly innervated musculature provides it with the ability for non-verbal communication as an emotional display for socialization and affection. Additionally, many medical disease processes often display oral signs first, making the mouth a barometer of signs and symptoms.

The mouth is a reservoir or ecosystem for one of the most diverse colonies of microorganisms in the human body, the human oral biome, comprised of fungi, viruses, protozoa, and over 250,000 species of bacteria; overall, about 6 billion organisms. This colony of microorganisms is responsible for both health and transmission of disease. Because of the mouth-body connection, mouth organisms have the potential to impact all body systems and can contribute to chronic whole body inflammation.
Welcome to our dental practice We are a general dental practice for children and adults that is very committed to preventing oral problems and improving health. Needless to say, the mouth is a very complex organ, and its health is dependent upon more than just pretty teeth. Although we provide a wide range of all the usual preventive, restorative, implant, and cosmetic services, our primary area of interest lies Beyond the Smile in the associations between oral health and whole body health, oral-systemic relationships. Medical links have already been established associating heart attack risk, stroke risk, pregnancy complications, diabetes risk, rheumatoid arthritis complications, kidney disease, pneumonia, and several cancers.READ MORE

Welcome to Beyond The Smile Dental!

Why Us

  • Our goals are simple: to keep you healthy, and restore your mouth to natural form, function, and beauty. Since our patients are also our friends, our family, and our relatives, we want you to feel free to discuss your care and treatment options with us.
  • You can expect us to coordinate care with your physician on your behalf when your medical health is affecting our ability to treat you, when you require medical clearance, when your oral health is affecting your medical health, or otherwise when we suspect that your medical health is in jeopardy. Remember, we are advocates for your health; your well-being is always our priority.
  • In order to keep up with advances in health care, we invest in education for our whole team that includes accredited dental courses and a review of the most current medical and dental research. Improving our knowledge and skills helps us to deliver better dental care.
  • We collaborate with some of the area’s best specialists, as well as, some of finest dental laboratories in the country, enabling us to provide services to you based upon experience, and industry-wide knowledge.
  • While there are no guarantees in healthcare, we regularly inspect the quality of our work; if a discrepancy exists in the workmanship or material quality for any reason, we will make arrangements to correct the problem; we aim for excellence.
  • As important as oral health is to overall well-being, it is imperative that dental diseases be diagnosed and treated early; our office recognizes dental disease as a significant medical health issue; our aim is to provide early diagnosis and intervention of systemic disease processes linked to oral health.
  • We do not believe in “selling” health care. An alarming trend that you may see in some larger corporate and chain store dental settings is an “up sale” in dental services. Often these practices are owned and managed by investors, instead of dentists. As such, they are set-up for profit and may give salary incentives to reach production goals. We think that is bad for healthcare and not in your best interest.
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